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Please add me to your e-mail list!
Let me know when you are playing anywhere and anytime.
Get some DATES man !! Your calendar is empty and I need some R&B !!!
Great to see you Saturday at the Axemen meat raffle. Thanks for the CD....you guys sound fantastic. Hope we can do something musical with the acoustic.
Kevin, You guys are the Best! Can't wait till Oct 3 at Norge Ski Hill Music Fest when you Headline and will surely Rock the House! You are spearheading a wonderful new era for Blues in the Northern IL Region. I thank you in advance. The Blues Foundation thanks you. The Windy City Blues Society thanks you. Here's to makin it happen in a huge way next Saturday and beyond!
Hey Kevin, I don't always see the Facebook posts, so please add me to the email list. Hope to see you soon! Frank
I'd love to get your schedule emailed to me. I looked for your venues all summer and only saw 1 or 2 in the area. Can't wait to get to Mavericks and watch you guys perform again.
Just heard you guys tear down house at Chic Uesfedt AmAzing. Thanks
We love you guys!!! Can't wait for summer!!!
Please put me back on your emailing list.
Sooo happy to catch up with you at Bluesfest! I live in AZ now & miss you so much! Might try to make the Vegas date, only 1 hour?!? My new passion is INDYCAR & we go to 4/5 races a year, I think your spirited lively energy & sound would be a great match for the fast cars & festivals that INDYCAR offers the fans. Let me know if I can do anything to make that happen! Congrats on your success & longevity! LOVE the Night burners!!!
You were my top expereince at the Chicago bluesfestival, keep in touch! THe violin gave some spice, love it! Billy from Sweden and a blues fan and a blues bassplayer (-:
Proud of you guys. Welcome home. I was listening to some of your clips. Your not getting older your getting better. See you tomorrow at The Oar. Let's get funky now!
You guys are PHENOMENAL!!! Playing at the benefit held for myself convinced me you are also SWEET! I am honored to know Billy LeClair and am honored to have heard you play!
How dare you!
It was great spending time with all of you in Memphis. I'm proud of how well you performed, and your entry into the top 10 was well deserved. When it comes to the finals, it's like the NBA, on any day any one of the top teams can beat each other. I hope to see you guys in Memphis again next year carrying the flag for Chicago!!
Kevin i saw you and your band at the ibc finals.The you and band was awsome the frist song you did blew me your tone on harp was great.Next to my brothers band Dan Treanor you were my favorite i bought your cd real impressive let me know if you have any thing new ones out keep boogie.
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BEST!!!!!! We are so happy for you. Can't wait to hear you. Love you guys!
Good luck in TN!
Kevin and his group are absolutely the best. I would engage them again without question.There music is a pleasure to listen to.
Kev, and the Nightburners: Go tear it up in Memphis! I know you will have an increadable experience. And you should know that we at home will be rocking it with you. Wish we could join you! Rock on brother blues...
So, you guys were seriously one of the greatest live bands I have ever heard. You put so many smiles on peoples faces and made me dance my booty off. You guys just played so well tonight at Brain Freeze. I wish I could hear it over and over agian, so much energy and liveliness! I wish you all luck in Memphis, I know you guys will blow everyone out of the water!!
Why am I NOT surprised?!? Because these guys ROCK!!!! Congratulations Kevin and Band!!!!!
Congratulations! Watch out Memphis!!! Peace* Love, your Palatine fans
Do you people have plans for a tour in Europe .... Belgium ?
Congratulations to you all. You deserve this honor and it has been a long time coming. I'll see you at Mac's on Slade in Palatine! (my home town)
So excited and proud that you guys won and are going to Memphis!!!
Love you guys! Phenomenal! Music OUTSTANDING! BRAVO!
had a great time ,good to see ya ,,see ya on the road ,,play to live ,live to play
Thanks for rockin' with us in Antioch on Thursday Night! My family and I really enjoyed the show! Thanks especially for the encore:)
Saw you at Pheasant Run on Saturday and LOVED you all! Want to be on your mailing list! Carol
You guys rocked at the Beer & Blues Fest at Pheasant Run! You were so nice to the crowd and me, you all signed the CD with out hesitation! Thanks for a making being a designated driver even more worth it!
I saw you guys yesterdat=y at Pheasant Run and enjoyed you very much!! I bought one of your CDs and have been sharing with everyone I have talked to today. Definitely going to follow you on future gigs
Nice to see you again. Great seeing you rockin like I remember. Sure brought back memories. AWESOME!!!!
Kevin, it was great to meet you on your break during your show at Peggy's -- remember, I'm Bill Bostrom's friend? I have a few possible gigs for you. Please call me at 773.418.0355 when you are able. Cheers! Debbie
Just heard House of Fire, knocked my socks off and left my shoes !!! When are ou guys coming to Vegas? Hurry up !!!
Hey guys! Any new dates for December or you guys taking some time off for the holidays? Been a fan for many, many....many years! LOL Take care, keep rockin! Don
Hi, Kevin, Remember me at the end of your show Thursday night, "One Nation Under God", the Artist. Check out over 130 of my great 5 Star Artworks at the following online art gallery; http://www.yessy.com/stevekreuscher/
Best entertainment my wife and I have seen in a long time. First time we have seen the nightburners. You have two more to add to your following. Thanks, Kevin
Hi, I went to HS with Dean G. He was cool in HS and cool now!!! LOL I heard a few of your songs, and I think I will go to your next gig. Thanks for playing Blues, my favorite.
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I really liked the song sets. Where are you playing in the Chicago area in 2011?
I just had the distinct pleasure of hearing Anj play his fiddle with my friends Randy Kelley and John Gibbs at the Ghost Ranch in my hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. You're damn good, Anj. Why don't you all come play in SS sometime?
Caught your show at the Buzz Saturday night. What a great band! That guitar player you brought up later was smokin'! It transformed the whole band to a new level. And then the violin player next was awesome! Great show!
Awesome Band!!! Loved It!!
Hey Kev! Man, have'nt seen or heard from you guys in years. i was your biggest fan in the 90's. Glad to see you are still rockin. I still have your cassette tape "Thunderballing" is it possible to get that on CD? I've wore the tape out. I play harp because of you. { not even close to as good as you.} I'm totaly syked that i found you again. I have a request for a bar to play at. It's in Schaumburg and is called "Chicago City Limits" on Wise rd. in Schaumburg. they have a GREAT sound system not to mention lots of HOTTIES!!! Hope you can make it there. Later...AL
Saw the boys last night at halftimes. They came in early when the opening act had to cancel and played great! I haven't seen the band in a few years, and the addition of the fiddeler really changes the dynamics and adds alot. Great Show, and I won't wait years before seeing another.
Heard you at Rich and Jaynes party Sat. night!!You guys are awesome.Can't wait to hear you again.Have your schedule...we'll be there!!!
Have any new dates on the horizon? You have given me that itch that needs to be scratched! There is always the Roundhouse or Ballydoyle's in Aurora!
Went to the show in Woodstock last weekend, I still cant over how incredible you guys sound. In a word WOW!
I have been to 19 festivals this year just for the live music. You guys were the best...."the devil goes down to Georgia" is still ringing in my ears. Dang.
HI, didn't care much for your sound. You guys are obviously incapable of pulling off a pretty ballad so you resort to screaming and volume.
Saw you guys at Mark's House of rock and roll. you guys are GREAT...
I caught your show at Lake Zurich, and I have to say, that the crowd I was with (12 other people), we feel your band is the best band we've seen at any Lake Zurich fest to date, and we have lived in town for more then 12 years. Thanks for a great show. Kirk and friends......
...felt like a little bit of blues fell down from the heavens onto the lucky folks standing in the parking lot at Rolling Meadows classic car show the other night...summertime miracles do happen! We will be checking you out in Lake Zurich tomorrow night, ready to romp and rock!
Truly amazing talent, loved the show tonight in Rolling Meadows, and I especially liked the violin. Keep on rockin, will be looking forward to next show, safe travels. :)
your the best,keep rocking
Wow, it has been years since I've seen you live. Total band change, different look (used to look like the cover of Jethro Tull's Aqualung album with hat). Hope you kept the purity of your origins in blues rippin'. I'll be sure to check you out at Mt. Prospect Fest.
This band so rocks da house! Glad you will be in MP for a couple of shows this summer. Yeah! Wheeee! Will rally the gals for sure!
the song Moving in for the kill is the song on the cd i am looking for. I think it was 20 years ago. I was 21 when i first heard this cd. and loved it. Love your group wish i lived closer so i could enjoy your shows
I moved to Eugene oregon area. It would be great for you to play out here. The town would love you! I live in Springfield oregon which is right next to Eugene oregon. I know its far fetched to hope you will play out here but its worth a shot:)
I celebrated my birthday at Docks on April 17th and YOU GUYS KILLED! it was FANTASTIC! There were some pictures taken during the night and we were told they would appear on the website in a few days. But I can't find them? Can you give me an idea where the pictures are on the website? And we look forward to seeing you again at Docks REAL SOON! Keep up the GREAT playing!
some good venues for you - hanson brothers in glenview, cubby bear north in lincolnshire,
cubby bear north, blues bar in mt. prospect (maybe too small), YOU GUYS ROCK!
I used to follow you guys YEARS ago... (Matty's pub off the top of my head.) I moved out of state for several years & lost touch. I found ya' on facebook & was thrilled to see that you're still around - will be seeing you at Mark's in Wheeling at the end of the month!!
Hi! Mary and I think Mundelein days would be a great place for you to play!
I was @Blues Bar for Fund Raiser....absolutely GR8! Thanks for a rockin' evening!
you guys killed at JJ Twiggs. me, and the four people I was with will now follow this band to where ever. Great band!
Saw the show on Sat nite at JJ Twigs.....awesome!! The energy was sky-high! ....a new fan.
There is a relay for life going on at Deike Park in Huntley to help support cancer I think it is the first weekend in June and I will be there with braclets asking for a donation of 1.00 for the Noah Rios fund he is a 8 year old with a rare lung cancer from Huntley. Don't know if they have music for this event, but they do have summer concerts in the park maybe this would make your list!
Kevin, Andy, Tony, and all my favorite guys...so sorry I missed another party. Even my daughter was there. I'm on the mend. A trip to Sedonda and a healer should help. It's been a long road. Love all you guys!!!! Marcia Johnson
I was @Blues Bar the 29th. I was absolutely blown away!
Great show @ Blues Bar! The line-up is smokin'and Kevin sounds better than ever! House of Fire is a great disc!
Kevin It was great to see you and the band last night. As always your humor and satire set the stage for a great performance. Funny story, after watching from the back of the bar for a while I tapped the shoulder of the lady in front of me and asked if she new who the gitar player on the right side of the stage was. She told me it was her husband Pete Flynn. Now I haven't seen Pete since he played at Jim's birthday after he left the band years ago so I wasn't sure it was him. I guess I just asked the right person. Welcome back Pete and you wife is a sweetheart. Tony, your as cool as ever the the rest of the guys are jam-en. Good the see Barb belting out "Wild Horses". Had the hair standing up on the back of my next. Girl you have a lot of passion in your vocals. Best of luck to you and hang in there buddy. Just in case you don't realize it Kevin. You don't have fans, you have friends that like to party with you. And you remember what Joe said. "I get by with a little help from me friends". See you soon. Bob
I'm a high school classmate of Dean's. My husband and I loved last night's performance at Blues Bar in Mt.Prospect! We had the last two seats at the far end of the bar. If we had been up front, we would have danced the night away! Please tell Dean it was GREAT to see him...and all of you...live on stage!
You guys ROCKED the house down at Finns Friday night!! Nice addition to the band with the keyboard and conga player. Time to national??
Just saw you at Mickey Finn's last night...awesome...I am now a fan. Highly recommend everyone to catch a show.
Hi Kev, we just started doing business with the new Irish Pub- McGonigal's Pub- downtown Barrington. I sent him a link to your website, he's heard you at Kaiser's when he worked for Medline. They just opened two days ago, and will be crazed before St. Patti's day, but I think you should follow up with him after that event. His name is Bryan McGonigal, bryan@mcgonigalspub.com :) Deb
Hello Nightburners! What about playing in north Texas? Here's a link to a venue for you to check out. https://www.grapevinetexasusa.com/FestivalsAndEvents/Calendar/tabid/271/Default.aspx Miss seeing you guys play!
Great sound, can't wait for your next gig!
hey brother... from another mother Hows things? I miss you guys!!!!!! I see your playin at Mickey finns on my birthday,I guess thats a mustshow for me!Give kisses to the kids.
Durty Nellies, for sure!
KP & NB's......You guys ROCKED at Dock's in Wauconda last Saturday night (2-20-10). Wait until everybody sees the "NEW" you !! Loved it!!!! Looking forward to Blues Bar in MP !
Hey Kevin, Good to be rockin again,my pictures on the site, does that mean I am in the band now?I've missed you,ya misera.........
Saw your show last night at Docks, and you guys were SMOKIN'!! Best energy I've seen from ANY local band in years!! Great job!!
'burners, thanks again for providing a hot evening in the middle of another seemingless endless winter. you guys sounded great at Dock's last nite, can't wait to see your Calendar fill up so we can catch you again soon. oh, and i will let Mr Charlie Daniels know, when i see him in Tennessee in a couple months, that it is safe for him to retire now - the 'fiddle torch' can safely be passed - DAMN that kid can rip it up! see you soon, Brad & Karen
Would love to see you guys at Half Time in Johnsburg, IL, back at the new Porter's Oyster Bar in Crystal Lake or Side Outs in Island Lake.
Though he may be a little long in the tooth, Kevin Purcell is a passionate artist. I had the pleasure to be one of his Guitarists at one time. He's dedicated and talented to say the least. Might I ad, a loving Father and Husband as well. I don't hang out in bars anymore but, for those who do by all means check him out. Rogee C.
Kevin Still thinking about you and your great shows. Are you coming out to play any time soon? I would love to boogie with the band. If your not up to it maybe we can get together and play guitar hero. Bob
Lamplighters,Durty Nellies or Idols in Palatine PLEASE!!!!!!! my rock does not go farther then Palatine
Loking forward to seeing you all SOON. Cant wait for the next Bash on the Bayou or Lake Geneva Show.
Would love to see the band play at Blarney Island during the summer of 2010!
Hey Kevin - LOOOONG time no play together! Shadows of Glory! Anyway, I'm in Hartford CT, and there's a terrific bbq / blues club that books national acts weekly. Black-Eyed Sally's, 350 Asylum Street, 860-278-7427, owner / booker James Varano. Saw Eddie Shaw here a couple of times! Get your hot band out to the East Coast! And while you're here, check out my whiskey rock and roll band T. Rubble. See ya! - "Bullet" -
Love to see you guys again. What's with the calendar only reflecting past dates? Thanks, see you soon - I hope!!!
You really ought to play at Half Time Sports Bar in Johnsburg, Raymond's Bowl in Johnsburg, Porters in Crystal Lake, Captain Quarter's in Antioch (summer only)
Please put up some new dates. I'm planning a trip back home and need to know when and where you're playing :)
Kevin Hard to believe I haven't seen you since March. Thanks for the song "MOVING IN FOR THE KILL". When I first met you it was at the original Nellies in the early 90's. Why not book a date at the new Nellies and invite Carter, Maurice, Danny, and Pete for guest appearances? Happy belated birthday! I was out of town and you apparently didn't have a gig that week. Bob
Hey........... The web site shows it's inactive?? What gives, oh Great 1??
I think you're the best band I've ever seen! Wheats
would love to see you play somewhere in the south suburbs. Me and my husband "Kevin Purcell" would most certainly check out a show somewhere in the south suburbs such as Orland Park or Tinley Park area.
Man u NBurners can party down ~ thasnk for rifs & jams . . . we're still sore ! Like Mellenguy says: hurts SO good XXXOOO
Hopin' to check out the show at Cubby Bear !
You and the band are awsome
I would like to see if you could get a gig at the awesome place in Lake Villa. It's called The Lake House. It's on Grass Lake rd and Deep lake Rd. Give them a call, ask to speak to Deano Vass
I have played with, and seen many great acts in my days, and the Nightburners have to be one of, if not, the best "bar band" out there. I honestly feel your are wasting your time playing local clubs when you could be out doing a national tour. Your band has the talent, stage presence, and very good original material to play with any big name band out there. Look into it, and Rock On!!
places you should try to play at: Beacon Tap-Des Plaines Harry's of Arlington Hts. on Vail & Campbell Thornwood Bar- on Thorndale & Wooddale in Wooddale,Il City Limits- in Barrington and go back to Kief's Reef again
Yesterda's show at The Bash was awesome. As usual. I hope to catch you guys at the Cubby Bear.
Clay St. Patio at Wayne's Lanes cross form the train station. Opening Aug;3 2009, The only (Beer Garden in Downtown Woodstock,IL)
Douglas Street Bar and Grille (on Douglas Street in Elgin) Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora
Thanks for the awesome show!!!!!!
We met at Ricks party last night...just lettin' you know that I got your address...and when my blues tune is done I'll get it to you. I'd really love to hear it done by a blues band, even if only once.Also would like to hear about the music union.....
You'z are great
How's everything?
Great Band....Must see
Might I suggest you see this guy before his Lungs shoot out of his mouth and his Heart out through his Eye Sockets.
Please try to post your shows on this site or get your email out earlier (like the day before!) We would be at more shows if we had a little more notice.... we love you guys!!!!
Beth and I would love for you to come on down to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. One place to check out would be Billy Bob's in Fort Worth. Great venue near the old Stock Yards in the historic Fort Worth district. Also a ton of other bars that cater to live bands.
Hey guys my girlfreind gina and i attened your show at morrettis sat6/20 and you guys rocked i really enjoyed trower not to many guys play that. Also it was nice you took the time out to chat{i was the guy in the sunn shirt} i will definently tell some freinds about your show thanks TURKS
Hey Kevin, We live in FL but are going to be around for a week in July and always try and catch you if we can. Post July's gigs soon. PLEASE You guys are always a high point of our annual visit.
Hey Cuz, Good to see ya online! Sean-Ann
OMG!!!! I listened to you all winter long as I was riding the damn treadmill. Thanks for the weight loss!! I also just found out you will be back @Nortons!! YEA! I am back working there. So I can't wait to see you and the gang! See if Lynda can come up this time!!! Your favorite fan Chris
Hi Kevin. Kansas City might have better Bar-Be-Que but they don't have the Nightburners! Come west young man and bring your leadslingers. Kansas City needs a dose of what you are selling! Peace!
Please check into playing the outside party area at Kief's Reef. That place is always a blast and has great bands on sundays thru the summer. We saw you guys at the Wauconda Rodeo Grounds last you and you were awesome! Keep kickin ass!
Hi, Love your music and the energy I have been on your mailing list as kris@lancodevelopment.com I was laid off from this company on Feb. and I will no longer be receiving mail at this site. Could you please update your files to klennon1213@gmail.com Kris
bring on the slide, bring on the riffs, bring on that burnin magic so I can stop JONESIN for ya !!
Where you playing next Kevin, haven't seen you much since our wedding back in '97 - I need a fix, Im turnin' 40!!!! I think I need to boogie woogie - Heather
Kevin Hey,it would be great if you could book more dates. I check your site to see where you are playing. Not much latly. My Ex wife let me know that you were playing in MP, but I couldn't make it. What about going back to your roots? I met you at Nellies after reading about the band in the paper. One of these days I will get you to play "Hey Billie Jean" again. Nellies has a great stage now and a huge room. If you could get in there you may be able to increase your fan base for your really cool music. Also, I understand that The Slice of Chigago is reopening. They leveled the old place and built a new strip. They got a sign up but I am not sure if they are open yet. You might want to check it out. And the there is always the Village of Palatine that sponsers many music events. So there are a few suggestions. It might be nice if you actually responded to my comments. Last time I signed your guest book I got no response. And you could send me a birthday wish once in a while, since it is the same day as yours. You know this is not a one way street we live on. Tell Tony I said "HEY",Give your wife a hug and tell her that I send my condolences. You know I am just horsing around and I luv ya. Hang in there buddy. Bob
I think a great place for you to play would be Austins Saloon in Libertyville. They have a great stage and sound system. Hope to see you there
Great St. Pat's party. Thanks for the mention. Ken and I love you guys, but you know that!
We spoke at your Park Ridge gig about private parties. I am interested in securing your band for Friday 9/4/2009, my husband's 50th birthday party. It wish his party could be on Saturday but I have my 30th class reunion Sat & Sun. I look forward to your availability. FYI many of our friends are harley folks so it will be a party!!
Hey where are you playing next I cant pull up the info on your calendar?
Im comin in july! Watch out! I've now got honey dijon its not just plain yellow anymore!!!!
Check us out on Facebook as well...
Hey I have an idea where you guys can play...Saturday Night Live! Im gonna make some phone calls and see if I can recommend you because you rock!
how about some new pictures?
You guys rock. You're the reason we go to street scenes...keep on rockin'
Saw you a few times, years ago. Glad to see your still round
So we've managed to clean up the guestbook - and hopefully keep it that way! Hope all is well and thank you for your posts!
You can buy - Kevin Purcell and the Nightburners House of Fire http://www.digitsy.com/us/item/B000U136FK Movin' In For The Kill http://www.digitsy.com/us/item/B0019LSSLW
Hello Kevin and fans my wife and I were wondering where you were playing for this New Years eve I think this would be a great show to come out and see. Not that there has been any bad shows but to be able to rock in the New Year with the Night burners would be GREAT!
We were at Docks Saturday, and as usual, you guys are "the best". We always enjoy your band.
These guys ain't just riffin'; they're Rock solid and lethal!
kevin, we will see you at the "STOP" this coming sat for the benefit. only have to drive 7 miles to see you this time. THANKS. also, need to talk about possible gig next year. till saturday, your biggest fans, dan/karen
Please book Blues Bar in Mount Prospect again very, very soon!!! If you have any trouble, let me know and I'll talk to Kevin myself and get you in. You guys have phenomenal energy and I really enjoyed dancing to your groove. (...and yes, you should have played one more for me...LOL) Much peace and happiness, Jenni - "the dancing girl" www.polarbearhandmade.com
Love the music!!! Any up coming dates???
as a proud & loyal member of the nightburner brigade - gimme somethin to live for . . . .got dates ?
rock on --
It would behoove anyone that appreciates good old Blues/Rock with exceptional HARMONICA as well as Guitar slinging,Drums and Bass to go to Arlington Park where I've worked, witnessing this Band and having played with them for a few years, and had a terrific experience. Enjoy the gambling,choose your horses wisely,drink up and avoid the PIGS. My Best to Kevin and the Boy's
Thanks to all my favorite Nightburner buds for another great party. That new way of playing down on your knees next to the garage is something to remember. Luv ya, Treanna xoxoxoxox
CAN I GET a friggin AMEN ? We salute you our Fearless & Competent Leader ! I stand proud as a member of the NIGHTBURNER BRIGADE ! May you remain one w/ that Harp of yours & lead this brigade into never-ending Jamin Bashin Heavenly Nightburner History. Rock on Daddy ! ROCK ON !
Hey Kev & Stickman: A blues trip out West is in the making for 2009 regardless of if you guys want me to do it. My employer is ready to throw in $2000 for one of the legs in Salem, OR. I talked with Ty Curtis last week who is an upcoming Blues guy here on the West Coast and he wants to discuss coordinating manager, time, trucks, equipment, gigs, etc. with all of us (I will send his first two CD's - he is considered the up and coming Stevie Ray - 21 years old with a decent band). THE WEST COAST WANTS TO SEE A GIG WITH KEVIN PURCELL!!!! LOVE ALL OF YOU, - MUTTLY!!!
Hey Kevin, Gotta tell ya that there's this GREAT place in Savannah Illinois!!! It's called Poopy's. www.poopys.com They have awesome entertainment and I thought of you guys when we were there. Check out their website. There's always more Harley's in the parking lot than cars. LOL Friend of John & Irma Philps. Debra Keltner O'Neill Glass & Mirror, Inc. 815/786-7718 deb@oneillglass.com myspace.com/sabs_mom
k-bone really had a great time at the wife's b-party, people are still telling how much they loved you guy's keep rockin
Looking forward to seeing you guys perform your wizardry at the reef this Sunday. I'm bringing the homies plus some. Keep up the awesome work, you are going to break on through. How about some "Nightburners.com" bumper stickers Eh Haven't been able to pry the CD's out of my car player for 6 months 2 weeks, 3 hours and 14 minutes now. The damn thing just won't give em up.
Hello Nightburners! Skip and I used to come and see you guys play. We now live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Bring your music this way. Would love to see you guys again!
Saw and heard you guys last night at the Wauconda Rodeo. You were UNBELIEVABLE. I was feelin it, yEah! I confess the fiddle brought it all to a whole new level for me, but you are all extremely talented. Expectations exceeded. May every good thing come your way. Sincerely, Anne
I want to buy a t-shirt. Where can i get one? Kevin
I was at Stonefire Saturday night 6/28/08. You guys rocked the house. Thanks for a great night with great music!!! By the way, Andy, I have a daughter that you should meet....
Enjoyed your show in Morton Grove, thanks!
We are coming in from Austin, TX to see you guys on the 4th, don't let it rain!!
Hey-would love to c-ya more this summer. Try getting some gigs closer to the Northwest burgs. Gas is like gold and I'm no miner! Ha! Still no word on getting into the Blues Bar in Mt. Prospect?
Hi Kevin, I just talked to John. Checked out your playlist....looks good. Maybe i'll here ya sometime.
Hey, old buddy! Comin' to Chicago for a ultra race with my son, Matt. Want to know if I can come bring the crew to celebrate our race finish and Christy's birthday on Satruday, April 5th! Are you playing anywhere? Love to see ya as well! Later - Tom
Kevin What's up? Been a long time.Popped your 2nd CD in the player today and remembered old times. It was 1990 somthing at Durty Nellies. I walked up to you and asked if you could play "Hey Billie Jean".You blew me away and the band just followed you in stride. I was impressed. At that time I was living the blues and your music gave me comfort.I have alway enjoyed the passion you have for music. But what really like is the way you "BLOW THE HARP". I think Dylan would approve. Tell Tony I said Hi. See you on St. Patty's day
Is there anyone out there that'd claim to have any sense of decency, and not take it upon themselves to go and see my friends Kevin Purcell & the Nightburners. I ask you.
Looking forward to the Breast Cancer Benefit!
c'mon kev - hit us w/ the groove, light the candle, toss us a bone, stop the jonesin, lay it down daddy !
im am your number one irish fan looking forward to seeing you in the onion pub sometime in the summer adios
Saw you guys at Larry Kettners block party last Saturday. We were blown away. Big fans now. Will be checking out your calendar. Thanks for the great time.
I just had to stop by and say that (Uncle) Larry's 2nd annual party rocked!!! :) THANKS!
Hey guys rocked it, can't wait for the next show! C ya soon!
Have you ever thought about having a house party with the Nightburners? We have a few of these under our belt and we know how to make a party cook!!!! We bring our small PA and rock it out acoustically. We throw some songs at you that we only do for our acoustic show...so it is damn special! When it's time to party indoors, book us for a swell time...no skeeters...no rain...no cops...just a smokin, fun show in the friendly confines of your own home. Talk to Kevin, line us up to get your house a rockin!!!!
You guys were awesome yesterday at Keef's reef! We had a great time as usual. And I am still hurting this morning! Can't wait to see you again soon!
Hey. If you can get me on your email list that'd be great. I'm not sure if you send out show updates or anything like that.
You guys ROCK! I can't wait to see you play again! Let's do this again next 3rd of July okay?...and no rain this time!
I shined my dancing shoes and missed the guestbooking. I really am in a bad way. Yes I missed Wauconda fest. I missed a dance with kevins brother. And a Ice Cold Beer. Brother in law Jim . Where am I?
Since Mary wrote, I decided I had to one up her....I feel like a fool bringing a man with...what was I thinking.....anyway....can't wait...I had no problem with recovery after the release party, although I really don't remember much except dancing til midnight. C U Soon....from your favorite fan. Kathryn
Kevin- Sorry I haven't caught any of your shows lately. I will get the girls, Sherry, Lisa, Lida together and we will motor on up to Waconda on Sat. June 23th. Rock on!
o m g ! one gig in june ? u guys need a rest ? let the jonesin begin . . .
I like the new look!!!
nightburners, k.p. I'm speechless. DAVE STEFFEN: I WANNA HAVE YER PSEUDO-BABY :) xxxooo
Unbelievable! How big are Kevins Lungs?
Saw your band play at Little Big Horn-you guys rocked. Great stuff.
Your music is just outstanding
Congrats on the new CD. Hope to see you guys soon. Hello to you all from PA.
kevin, so far we have a group of 10 coming to the cd party on the 31st. don't be suprised if that gets bigger. save some tables, dan
Can't WAIT to hear you electric at the Onion! See you all there! M
hi pizza man great band can i be a singer in your band i have always wanted to be one. i am not that bad. see you later ashley
Howsa mya gooda frienda doinga? Mya lova toa familia Salut'e
Hey guys, have not seen the band in about 2 years a 2 back surgeries and looking to find out when and if you ever will play in Palatine any time soon!!! hate to travel too far and I live in Palatine. Thanks Rose
good show on the 17th. making plans for march 31. thanks for playing "watchtower" guys. see you at the party, maybe on march 10 also. are all those beautiful ladies your entourage? whew!!!
I've been looking for you guys for years. I saw ya in Palatine back in the early 90's. You guys should bring your gig to the city!! Hope to catch a show soon. Take care and glad your back. Mike
We just love that fiddle player.
It's been way too long since I last saw the band. I'm planning on seeing you in Island Lake on Feb 17th with a group of friends. I can't wait! You guys rock!
Where are you guys No new dates up on the site Miss hearing and dancing to you! Get so gig dates up soon
Haaaaay!....Something new indeed!...Praise God and pass the New Year's resolutions!...love that "funky witch boy"..."afro andy"...and that "naked drummer"....I see Kev and Dave came unembellished, but smokin' nonetheless!....thank you, Stickman!...the special effects are way cool,too!:-).....is it time to come out and play yet?...only 57 days until Spring...I'm a workin' on gettin' those gigs!....see y'all soon! GO BEARS! Love you...The Divine Ms. J xoxo
Nice pics & video Stick, you are the man. xxxooo
Very interesting website. :) Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.
Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
Jammin with some locals. We'll see what happens. Happy Thanksgiving family. Rog
hey guys you rock, but you know that! are you done for 2006? i miss you already! Please play soon!
We are trying to find out where you might be playing this weekend. Dave Steffen is our OLD neighbor. He's AWESOME!!!!
I am the real Kevin Pursell. why is your cd so expensive? mine is free on myspace and im not even famous. www.myspace.com/namelesswhite
Hi Kevin, I'm still so homesick of Chicago !!!It has been a while that I've been over there. I hope that you,your family & the band are doing well. Please say Hi to Candice! Me and my crazy husband Christian have two little girls (2+5 years) so ....Life has been good to me...Still waiting for the Nightburners to come out to Frankfurt Germany !!! Are you still in touch with Tom (Schnitzius)? BIG HUG from over here !!! Hope to hear from you sometime !! Love, Eva
Here a great site I want to share with you. I think the biggest BLUES DVD shop on the internet with more than 500 different Blues titles directly deliverable from stock!!! They offer the most complete assortment in the world including live concerts, historical material and instruction DVDs. Great!!!! Love this site!!! Have fun.
may the Brick R.I.P. burned sunday 4am took out half of the block with it
You guys are the best live act I've seen! Kevin is an awesome front man and Fiddlin' Andy rocks!! Your energy really gets the crowd going!
You rocked at Blanerys Island! Ha,,,,,,,,will send pics
Austin Texas needs you!
you are the best kevin!I've listened to you for over 10 years and you just keep getting better!
Your performance at the Leaning Tower YMCA...or "on the Watchtower" was the best I ever heard...please tell me if you have performed it on a CD and how can I purchase same... Your were the best band at the Y...EVER!
Hey Kevin- When are your 2 favorite girls going to get their picture on the web site!!??- P.S. thanks for the clean carpet!!
Hi Guys! Sure was great being the ol' regular groupie again in July, catching FIVE LIVE SHOWS!! Miss y'all so much down here in Austin,(especially that mean fiddler dude!) Let's REALLY get you down here to rock the Texas Hill Country! They will LOVE YOU as much as we do!!! All our best to all of you and the families! Blessings! Susan & Jay
Hi Kevin, Candice & the gang! I moved to AZ about 5 yrs. ago, and I miss your incredible music, (still doing Can't Change You?)warm smiles & sweaty hugs! Did I see that Carter is back? I will be in IL 9/7 to 9/12, any chance you might have a show I can drag my new husband to?
You turned me into a groupie again. Your live act at our house was the highlight of our summer. My 21 year old daughter said it was the best party ever. I even danced and I don't even dance with my husband (oops)! Thanks again for a great evening.
My wife and I saw you guys last night at JR's Broken Inn Saloon. Best live act we've seen in a long time! Hope to catch you guys at Kief's Reef in a few weeks.
hey guys whats up long time no see life has sure taken some turns since last we spoke hope you are well i would like to make amends email me back broter.
My friend and I saw your band "Burn'n up the stage" last night at Lindy's Landing. We had a rocking blues good time. In fact we need another dose. See you tonight in Arlington Hts! Been loving your music for over 20 years.
ffs my bro in law marty from omagh wont stop playing your cd --- pass me a guinness - god bless the irish
hey i heard you guys at the woodridge jubalee last night and you guys sounded increadible and it was my kind of music i wana know how i can get a copy of your cd
My boys were born on the second Friday of December in 1995 and 1996, and since then they have heard your music from that one CD countless times. (Time to update) We take the boys to one maybe two carnivals a year to help keep them special, We had no idea that you would be there that day in Lincolnwood. It was an unbelievable treat for them to see you play In fact when I first met my wife she asked me what type of music I liked, I gave her a montage of music on a tape,two of your songs were on that tape She asked who that was, I gave her the cd and she really liked it Out of all the music we play for the boys, its either WMBI, KLOVE, Disney music or you.
Im glad to have played with not only one of the best harp players on the planet, but a brother in arms as well. Roger Ciszon
Your bass player is too good looking for you. You need a good bald man to back you up.
My husband and I saw you at Lincolnwood Fest Saturday night and thought you all were fantastic..We completely enjoyed your band...
heard all about ur band from my sister who saw u play at the onion pub in barrington she is sending us ur cd cant wait to hear u play next time we are visiting her n my brother in law in illinois from marty and ang in omagh co .tyrone n. ireland c ya soon bye.
I heard you at Summerfest in Milwaukee a long time ago. I hope to catch you at Orland Park next week.
Kevin, Keep on, Keepin' on!
hi kevin, well, we have 15 people going to dinner then coming to the show on the 23rd. we have another 4-6 meeting us there later that night. i'm spreading the word man. see you then. hey, think you will do man, you crazy os fat ass and sonny?
Hi Kevin, Miss you & Candis! When will you get to California?
kevin, just wanted to let you know the band sounded great at porter's. my friends dave and patty are big a. bros. fans anf were very impressed. in fact, patty was singing along at the table to melissa. looks like my next free night to see you guys is june 23. and i'll probably pick up a few more cd's. there is a place in downtown kenosha i'd like to if i can spark their interest in the nightburners. see you on the 23rd.
We see a lot of bands at Arlington and you guys were the best yet. Nice to see a band with so much talent and energy! You guys made our day!
GREAT TIME @ Arlington Park We Did'nt win Any $$$ But You Made the Day! Thanks

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