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The Windy City Blues Society
These are the cats that sponsored us to travel down to Memphis...please check them out and help support where you can....KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE!!
International Blues Challange 
Doing their part to keep the blues alive and well not only here in the USA but around the world!!!
The Sad Sam Blues Jam
This is a group of young ladies we ran into in Memphis who are really cool, a whole bunch of fun, and man can they jam!!!
Blowtorch Blues is podcast of Ted Todd's radio show from Spokane WA Playlist #008 features "Boggie 'till Midnight"
Blues in the Burg a live 365 station
This is an upstart internet radio station featuring the best of the blues. please listen and support as much as you can.

Upcoming Shows!!!

  • Nov 24
    McGonigal's Pub | The Loft,  Barrington
  • Nov 30
    Strawberry Moon,  Wauconda
  • Dec 6
    210 Live,  Highwood
  • Dec 8
    No Wake Bar & Grill,  Port Barrington
  • Dec 22
    The Toadstool Pub,  Highwood

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