Mr LeClair's Stevie Ray Vaughn Tribute Wall of Denial

Highwood Evening Gourmet Market, Everts Park | 130 Highwood Ave. Highwood, Illinois 60040, Highwood, Illinois

Due to a scheduling Mix up, SoulShine WILL NOT be playing this event!  INSTEADl Our Keyboardist Bill LeClair's Stevie Ray Vaughn Tribute Band - Wall of Denial will be playing this Event!  In 2011 Wall of Denial was formed after performing Stevie Ray Vaughan's music at shows, combined with other blues music, but the Stevie Ray Vaughan music is what really captured the audiences. The band members have also had many years performing Stevie Ray Vaughan's music. Especially Gary Stratton, who has performed Stevie's music for over 20 years. Wall of Denial has been receiving great feedback from all of the fans that come out to see them perform.

Some say that when they close their eyes, they could swear it was Stevie on stage. Combine that with the other very talented members of the band, with decades of experience, and you have a great band that has now focused only on having the public relive and enjoy that great Stevie Ray Vaughan experience.

Why make dinner at home when you can spend the evening with friends and family at the Highwood Evening Gourmet Market. Recognized as one of the best outdoor markets on the North Shore! This is not your typical market. In its eleventh season, this family and pet friendly event features live music, dancing under the stars, freshly prepared delicacies from local restaurants and food trucks, and creative cocktails. Attendees can shop for locally made artisan breads, sauces, cheeses, pastas and sweets in addition to jewelry, fashion and art. To foster community spirit, each week we feature one of our local non-profit groups who make our community a great place to live. Come on out to see old friends and meet new ones. See you at the park!

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