Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon, 2061 W Maple Ave, Mundelein

Get ready to rock your blues off, or blues your rocks off this weekend!!!

We're excited to share the stage with the Southern & Americana Rock of Blackberry Jam!!

And along with our usual Nightburners staples of musicians, we have Pete on Drums, Tony on Bass, Dr. Jay on Slide Guitar, Bill LeClair on the ivory keys, and Mitch & Rob on horns -- we will also be spotlighting our friend and guitar slinger Mike Church to lead the way with fire and lightning!!!

Join Us For A Great Night Of Get Down Southern Americana Rock and Blues! Doors Open At 6 pm For Early Dinner And Drinks! The Venue Doors open at 6:45, with Blackberry Jam going on at 7 pm. The Nightburners hit the stage at 9:30 pm.

So put up your hair, throw on a girdle, slap on some Brylecream, dab on some Hi Karate cologne, and get gussied up, so your suspenders and garters don't come off while dancing in the concert hall inside the historic Sundance Saloon!!!